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For 5 years of operation, we have localized over 150 projects. Here are some of them.
Training session & event platform
Localization for English
Russian major appliances manufacturer
Localization for English
Russian major appliances manufacturer
Localization for English
International cosmetology brand
Localization for Russian
Adaptational medicine clinic
Localization for English
Belle YOU
Women's underwear and apparel online store
Localization for 5 languages
International network of spa-salons
Site localization into 7 languages
Data management platform
Website, app, and video localization for 5 languages
Questions and Answers
How much does website localization cost

The service cost depends on the content volume on your website.

We only count new words and don't include repetitions, markup elements, or keys.

We also accumulate the translation memory that helps curb the localization costs by 50%.

Translation prices also depend on the language pair, subject, and specifics.

Send us your requirements to get the most accurate calculation.

We will prepare an estimate that will regard all the specifics of your project.

How website translation is calculated

We will request the following information from you:

1. Target languages.

2. Text content you want to translate.

You can provide them in any format (XML, JSON, etc.).

Another way is to send us the links to the pages you want to translate, or grant us access to your CMS, with specification of the sections you need to be localized.

We usually estimate orders within 1 business day. But if you have no content uploaded and your website contains over 50 pages, we will need a few business days to collect the content and estimate the process costs.

Language pairs

We have over 250 translators and editors covering more than 40 language pairs.

For all languages, teams were formed and tested, split into squads working on the main topics we can handle: localization, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, law, and technology.

Translation memory

The translation memory is our internal database where we store original texts and their translations.

It helps automatically translate repeating text segments, certain sentences, words, and phrases.

The translation memory facilitates translators' work and enables easy specialist switch during a project.

It also can save up to 50% of the translation price.

For example, if new content is added to your website, the segments from the translation memory that fully or partially match the new ones will be inserted automatically.

This is how we save your time and money.


For our clients, we compile and manage the termbase with use cases and translations of the terms that can be found in specific texts we work on.

The glossary can highly facilitate our translators' work and switch specialists on the go—eventually improving the quality of translation and ensuring the term unification across the text.

We can import your glossary or create a unique one for your project.

What languages to localize the game into first

We offer continuous localization of updates to

For that, we use our online platform to which, via API or a special connector, new content is fed, so our translator can see the new text and translate it.

The updated text is automatically parsed from the platform.

This is how we ensure complete localization of the website—supporting all the updates in continuous mode.